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Meghan Carr

Writer, thru-hiker and Odie's mom

It's a well-known fact that small business owners tend to be overworked and stretched for time.

In fact, I used to own a restaurant and was pretty much a zombie. We traded every. Single. Day 😵‍💫 and after service, I would crack my laptop to write email campaigns, menus AND social media posts! 

On top of everything else I had to do - it was a lot.

But we had to keep customers walking through the door. 

Because if you aren't driving your business forward, it's quickly sliding backwards. [And sadly, we often don't realise until our sales reflect that loss of momentum!]

But, as you know, it is bluddy hard to do your basic marketing when day to day operations are bogging you down. 

Who has the time? Truly.

Now imagine you had someone to lend a hand.

Someone who:

  • Understands how to engage your audience

  • Ensures your content is polished [and typo-free!]

  • Gives your brand personality pizzazz and builds customer loyalty

  • Uses keywords that search engines love = more traffic to your site!

  • Can get the work done while you sleep ;)

 A thriving business needs to gain new customers while nurturing the current following - and that's where I can help. 

If you're ready to win back some precious time while working with someone who *truly* relates to your struggles and goals  - book a discovery call with me today.

Word, Meg

PS. I bet you're wondering what happened to our restaurant? It's simple: we enlisted the right people in the right places. As it turns out, I was more valuable in marketing than running plates. Go figure! So we sold our labour of love in 2018 to travel and start a family. Now I help other Fleurieu businesses succeed with clever copywriting.

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PPS. If you're not ready to get serious yet, I get it (after all, we only just met). Then follow me on Instagram for tips, tricks and advice that will have you writing killer copy in no time.

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